Selecting a Target Board - 2022.2 English

Vivado Design Suite User Guide: Designing IP Subsystems Using IP Integrator (UG994)

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2022.2 English

When a new project is created in the Vivado environment, you have the option to select a target board from the Default Part page of the New Project wizard. User-defined or third-party Board Interface files, and associated files, can be downloaded from GitHub by using Vivado Store. Only boards supported natively in Vivado are shown in Figure 3.

You can filter the list of available boards based on Vendor, Display Name, and Board Revision.

  • Vendor: Specifies the board manufacturer.
  • Name: Lists the name for the board.
  • Board Rev: Allows filtering based on the revision of the board. Setting the Board Rev to All shows revisions of all the boards that are supported in Vivado. Setting Board Rev to Latest shows only the latest revision of a target board.
  • Various information such as resources available and operating conditions are also listed in the table.

When you select a board, the project is configured using the pre-defined interface for that board.

Some boards also support connections to the FMC connectors present on them. In such cases, there is a link to add a Mezzanine Card to the board as shown below. (KC705 board is shown.)

Figure 1. Check to See if a Mezzanine Card Exists for the Target Board

Click the Connections link to bring the dialog box to see a list of the available FMC cards.

Figure 2. Select a Mezzanine Card

As shown, when KC705 is selected, the FMC_HPC and FMC_LPC connectors show the available FMC cards. Selecting a card enables all the connections on that card available for use in the design.

Note: When you open a project with a new version, the board version could have changed and so the tool can automatically select the board part instead of the  board. It is recommended to make sure the right board is used from Settings > Project device.