Using the Signals View to Make Connections - 2022.2 English

Vivado Design Suite User Guide: Designing IP Subsystems Using IP Integrator (UG994)

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2022.2 English

After a BD is open, the Signals window displays, as shown in the following figure, with two tabs listing the Clocks and Resets present in the design.

Selecting the appropriate tab displays the clock or reset signals in the design, and provides an easy way to make connections to the signals.

Clocks are listed in the Clocks view based on the clock domain name. In the following figure, the clock domain is design_1_clk_wiz_1_0_clk_out1 and the output clock is called clk_out1 with a frequency of 100 MHz, and is driving several clock inputs of different IP.

When you select a clock from the Unconnected Clocks folder, IP integrator highlights the respective clock port in the BD. Right-clicking the selected clock presents you with several options.

Figure 1. Signals Window

In the MicroBlaze design case shown above, the Designer Assistance is in the form of the Run Connection Automation command that you can use to connect the CLK_IN1_D input interface of the Clocking Wizard to the clock pins on the board.

You can also select the Make Connection command, and connect the input to an existing clock source in the design. Finally, you can tie the pin to an external port by selecting the Make External command.

Other options for switching the context to the diagram and running design validation are also available.

Figure 2. Making Connection Using the Signals Window

When you select Make Connection, a dialog box opens, if a valid connection can be made.

Figure 3. Make Connection Dialog Box

Selecting the appropriate clock source makes the connection between the clock source and the port or pin.

If there are unconnected clock pins on one or more cells in the BD, they list in the Unconnected Clocks folder of the Signals window. You can select an unconnected clock pin and drag and drop it to a desired clock domain.

Figure 4. Drag and Drop an Unconnected Clock into an Existing Clock

Connections can similarly be made from the Resets tab. Using the Clocks and Resets views of the Signals window provides you with a visual way to manage and connect clocks and resets in the design.