Finding Objects in a Block Design - 2022.2 English

Vivado Design Suite User Guide: Designing IP Subsystems Using IP Integrator (UG994)

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2022.2 English

There are two ways of finding objects in a block design. The first one is used in the block design canvas. This functionality can be invoked by clicking the magnifying glass icon on the block design canvas toolbar or by pressing the Ctrl+F keys together.

Figure 1. Search Function in Block Design Toolbar

This brings up a Search dialog box that shows the Interfaces, Nets, Ports and Cells in the block design. Selecting an object in the search window highlights the corresponding object in the block design canvas.

Figure 2. Finding a Cell in the Block Design

You can expand the Ports, Nets, or Interfaces groupings and select any net to cross-probe.

Figure 3. Finding a Net in the Block Design

Finally, the Search field in the dialog box allows for searching and filtering for specific objects. As an example, typing ethernet in the Search field shows all the objects matching with ethernet.

Figure 4. Filtering Objects to Find in a Block Design

In addition to the Search dialog box described above, there is a Find dialog box that you can open from the Vivado toolbar by clicking on the binocular icon, or by selecting Edit > Find from the menu.

Figure 5. Finding Objects from Vivado Toolbar or Menu

The purpose of this Find dialog box is to work with Tcl commands such as get_bd_cells, get_bd_intf_nets, get_bd_intf_pins, get_bd_intf_ports, get_bd_nets, get_bd_pins and get_bd_ports. By invoking the Find dialog box, you can search for other kinds of block design objects.

Figure 6. Find Dialog Box

Clicking OK on the dialog box brings up the Find Results window as shown.

Figure 7. Find Results Window

Selecting an object within this window cross-probes the corresponding object in the block design canvas.

Figure 8. Find Results Window and Cross-Probing Objects

The appropriate Tcl command also shows up on the Tcl Console.

show_objects -name find_1 [get_bd_nets -hierarchical "*" ]