Back-to-Back Continuous Transfers - 2.6 English

1G/10G/25G Switching Ethernet Subsystem Product Guide (PG292)

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2.6 English

Continuous data transfer on the transmit AXI4-Stream interface is possible, because the tx_axis_tvalid signal can remain continuously High, with packet boundaries defined solely by the tx_axis_tlast signal asserted for the end of the Ethernet packet. However, the core can deassert the tx_axis_tready acknowledgment signal to throttle the client data rate as required. See the following two figures. The client data logic can update the AXI4-Stream interface with valid data while the core has deasserted the tx_axis_tready acknowledgment signal. However, after valid is asserted and new data has been placed on the AXI4-Stream, it should remain there until the core has asserted the tx_axis_tready signal.

Figure 1. Back-to-Back Continuous Transfer on Transmit Client Interface—32-bit
Figure 2. Back-to-Back Continuous Transfer on Transmit Client Interface—64-bit