XGMII/GMII Interface Ports - 2.6 English

1G/10G/25G Switching Ethernet Subsystem Product Guide (PG292)

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2.6 English

The following table shows the XGMII/GMII Interface ports. These ports are available for the Ethernet PCS/PMA 32-bit core configuration only.

Table 1. XGMII/GMII Interface Ports
Name I/O Description Clock Domain
rx_mii_d[31:0] O Receive XGMII Data bus. rx_mii_clk
rx_mii_c[3:0] O Receive XGMII Control bus. rx_mii_clk
rx_mii_clk I Receive XGMII Clock input. See Clocking for more information.
tx_mii_d[31:0] I Transmit XGMII Data bus. rx_mii_clk
tx_mii_c[3:0] I Transmit XGMII Control bus. rx_mii_clk
tx_mii_clk I Transmit XGMII Clock input. See Clocking for more information.
gmii_rxd[7:0] O Receive GMII Data bus. rx_core_clk
gmii_rx_dv O Receive GMII Control signal. rx_core_clk
gmii_rx_er O Receive GMII error signal. rx_core_clk
gmii_txd[7:0] O Transmit GMII Data bus. tx_out_clk
gmii_tx_en O Transmit GMII enable signal. tx_out_clk
gmii_rx_er O Transmit GMII error signal. tx_out_clk