Board Testing Steps for Auto-Negotiation and Link Training Using AXI4-Lite Interface - 2.6 English

1G/10G/25G Switching Ethernet Subsystem Product Guide (PG292)

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2.6 English
  1. Enable the Abilities register, CONFIGURATION_AN_ABILITY (0x00F8), as per the core configuration or the abilities you want to advertise. For example, write the value 0x1E06 to address 0x00F8.
  2. Read the CONFIGURATION_AN_CONTROL_REG1 register (0x00E0), based on the requirement you can enable or bypass the auto-negotiation. If auto-negotiation is enabled than you need to write the nonce seed value into the same register. For example, write the value 0x16D to address 0x00E0.
  3. Enable the Link Training option by setting the link training enable signal in the CONFIGURATION_LT_CONTROL_REG1 (0x0100) register. For example, write the value 0x1 to address 0x0100.
  4. Write the CONFIGURATION_LT_SEED_REG0 register (0x0110) with some seed value. For example, write the value 0x0605 to address 0x0110.
  5. Write the CONFIGURATION_LT_COEFFICIENT_REG0 register (0x0130) with some coefficient values for the place holder logic. For example, write the value 0x540 to address 0x0130.
  6. Issue sys_reset/write 1'b1 to ctl_an_reset (bit 28 of address 0x0004) so that the auto-negotiation block takes the updated nonce seed value into consideration.
  7. Keep reading the stat_an_autoneg_complete (bit 2 of address 0x0458) which indicates the successful completion of the auto-negotiation and link training.
If the link partner sends next pages, the ctl_an_lo_np_ack signal must be set. This port can be tied High.