Update the Adapter Firmware

Enhanced PTP User Guide (UG1602)

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The adapter firmware only needs to be updated if it does not meet the minimum firmware version required to support PTP and HW timestamping.

Important: The sfptpd daemon must be terminated before upgrading the adapter firmware. Following firmware upgrade the adapter driver should be reloaded before starting sfptpd.

The Solarflare Linux Utilities include the Solarflare Boot Manager (sfboot), a flash firmware update utility (sfupdate) and an AppFlex activation key upgrade utility (sfkey). The following packages are available:

Solarflare Linux Utilities RPM (64bit) (SF-107601-LS)
This is a 64‑bit binary RPM.
Solarflare Linux (and VMware ESX) Utilities Source (SF-105095-LS).
This is a source RPM.
Solarflare Linux Utilities RPM (32bit) (SF-104451-LS).
This is a 32‑bit binary RPM.
Note: This package is no longer updated. If you want a 32-bit install of the latest version you must build it from the source RPM.

To update the firmware:

  1. Download the RPM from the NIC Software and Drivers downloads page on the Xilinx website.
  2. Unzip the file to reveal the RPM package.
  3. Install the RPM following the instructions in its Release Note.
  4. Identify the current firmware version on the adapter:
    # sfupdate
  5. Replace the adapter firmware with the version in this sfupdate:
    # sfupdate --write

Full instructions on using sfupdate, sfboot, and sfkey can be found in the Solarflare Server Adapter User Guide (SF-103837-CD).