Master NTP Mode

Enhanced PTP User Guide (UG1602)

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Using a supported adapter as a PTP master clock in NTP mode (ptp_master_ntp.cfg), the local NTP client periodically synchronizes with a remote NTP server (configurable through the local NTP daemon). NTP is used to set the system clock and adapter clock and sfptpd keeps the system clock in sync with the adapter precision oscillator.

Figure 1. Master NTP Mode

The sfptpd daemon synchronizes with the local NTP client every 1 second (default) and this is configurable in the sfptpd configuration file.

If the master is not the active PTP master, it will by default, revert to a PTP slave clock.

Note: When in master clock mode, sfptpd uses the UTC timescale. Ensure the ptp_utc_offset option in the sfptpd master configuration file is set to 0.