Enable for a Monitoring Station

Enhanced PTP User Guide (UG1602)

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A server equipped with an Enhanced PTP enabled adapter can be configured in remote monitor mode to received data from all monitored slave servers.

  1. Run sfptpd-v3.2.1.
  2. Create the required sync instances in the general header section:
    sync_module ptp1  ptp_all_monitor
    json_remote_monitor /tmp/remote.jsonl 

    In the above example two instances are created:

    • [ptp1] is an optional normal PTP slave instance.
    • [ptp_all_monitor] is an optional monitor only instance.
    • The file in which monitored data is to collected is also specified.
  3. In the PTP generic section:

    With the remote_monitor option enabled, all configured PTP instances can monitor received PTP signaling messages.

  4. In the PTP instance (ptp1) section:
    ptp_mode slave
    ptp_domain 10
    interface <interface>

    The [ptp1] instance is a normal PTP slave, but it will also monitor PTP signaling messages from domain 10 received on the specified interface.

  5. In the PTP instance (ptp_all_monitor) section:
    ptp_mode monitor
    ptp_domain 127
    interface <interface>

    The parameters in the [ptp_all_monitor] section identify this as a ptp instance in ‘monitor’ mode. The instance is assigned a unique ptp_domain value and it will monitor PTP signaling messages from all domains on the specified interface.

    ptp_mode monitor is a passive mode. The instance is not a ptp slave and not a ptp master.