PTP Network Adapters

Enhanced PTP User Guide (UG1602)

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Solarflare and AMD time synchronization adapters generate hardware timestamps for PTP packets in support of a network precision time protocol deployment, and in accordance with the IEEE 1588-2008 specifications. With hardware precision and performance, the PTP adapters facilitate PTP slave servers to accurately synchronize internal clocks to multiple network master clocks, or to serve as either a master clock or a boundary clock.

These adapters contain a dedicated time stamping unit which is driven from a high precision oscillator. Receipt or transmission of a PTP formatted packet triggers the generation of an accurate hardware timestamp which is passed by the adapter to the network device driver. The adapter also enables a PTP stack running on the host server to discipline the adapter's precision oscillator (both absolute time and clock rate).

The PTP stack running on the host server will synchronize the adapter clock and host real time clocks to a remote time source.