Run sfptpd in NTP/PPS Mode

Enhanced PTP User Guide (UG1602)

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In NTP/PPS mode, sfptpd will get time-of-day from NTP, then use the 1PPS signal to closely synchronize the adapter clock. All other clocks, including the system clock, are synchronized to the adapter clock.

Note: It is a requirement to setup NTP symmetric authentication to allow sfptpd to control the local NTP client.
Note: Only a single NTP sync_module is required. Do not create multiple NTP sync modules.

For this mode, use the default pps_slave.cfg file:

  • from the tarball package:
    cd <install_dir>
    ./sfptpd -i <interface> -f config/pps_slave.cfg
  • from the binary RPM package:
    cd /usr/share/doc/packages/sfptpd/
    sfptpd -i <interface> -f config/pps_slave.cfg

where <interface> is the identifier of the timestamping port on the adapter.