Meinberg NetSync Monitor

Enhanced PTP User Guide (UG1602)

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The Meinberg NetSync Monitor capability, supported on Meinberg LANTIME and IMS models, allows a remote Monitoring System (MS) to probe downstream PTP slave devices using standard PTP messages. NetSync will collect timing data from multiple downstream slave devices and compare these to the Meinberg master clock timesource so users no longer have to rely on ‘self-reported sync accuracy’ from slave devices. An additional MTIE TLV enables the verification of compliance with specified MTIE time deviation limits.

NetSync Monitor uses a mechanism of ‘Reverse PTP’ sending standard PTP messages with TLVs attached between the MS and slave devices. Multiple MS can be deployed on a network.

sfptpd supports the NetSync feature, recognizes the probe TLVs sent by the MS device and will operate the reverse PTP protocol to cooperate with the Monitoring Station.