Enhanced PTP User Guide (UG1602)

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Enhanced PTP (sfptpd) supports the following features:

  • Hardware timestamps for received and transmitted PTP packets.
  • Ability to synchronize the high precision clock on multiple adapters.
  • PTP clock roles: slave clock, master clock, and boundary clock.
  • PTP hybrid mode.

    Unicast transmission of Delay_Request and Delay_Response messages to optimize use of network resources (Hybrid mode).

  • PTP Synchronization mode.
  • PPS Synchronization mode.
  • NTP fallback mode.
  • PTP multiple masters support.
  • Filtering of outlier values received from master clock sources.
  • PTP over VLAN interfaces.
  • PTP over active/backup and LACP bonded interfaces.
  • Standards based, application-independent reporting of clock data.
  • Remote monitoring/reporting of PTP alarm states and events.
  • PTP using third party adapters.
  • PTP in virtualized environments (VMware ESXi).