set_clock_uncertainty - 2024.1 English

Vitis High-Level Synthesis User Guide (UG1399)

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2024.1 English


Sets a margin on the clock period defined by create_clock.

The margin of uncertainty is subtracted from the clock period to create an effective clock period. The clock uncertainty is defined in ns, or as a percentage of the clock period. The clock uncertainty defaults to 27% of the clock period.

Vitis HLS optimizes the design based on the effective clock period, providing a margin for downstream tools to account for logic synthesis and routing. The command can be executed only in the context of an active solution. Vitis HLS still uses the specified clock period in all output files for verification and implementation.


set_clock_uncertainty <uncertainty> <clock_list>
  • <uncertainty>: A value, specified in ns, representing how much of the clock period is used as a margin. The uncertainty can also be specified as a percentage of the clock period. The default uncertainty is 27% of the clock period.
  • <clock_list>: A list of clocks to which the uncertainty is applied. If none is provided, it is applied to all clocks.


This command has no options.


Specifies an uncertainty or margin of 0.5 ns on the clock. This effectively reduces the clock period that Vitis HLS can use by 0.5 ns.

set_clock_uncertainty 0.5