Monitoring Voltage and Current

ZCU111 Evaluation Board User Guide (UG1271)

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Voltage and current monitoring and control are available for the Infineon power system controllers through the Infineon PowIRCenter graphical user interface. The PMBus interface controllers and regulators listed in Table: Power System Devices are accessed through the 1x3 PMBus connector J19, which is provided for use with the Infineon PowIRCenter USB cable (Infineon part number USB005) and can be ordered from the Infineon website [Ref 26] . The associated Infineon PowerTool GUI can be downloaded from the Infineon website. This is the simplest and most convenient way to monitor the voltage and current values for the Infineon PMBus programmed power rails listed in Table: Power System Devices .

Each Infineon PMIC controller can report the voltage and current of its controlled rail to the Infineon GUI for display to the user. Fourteen rails have a TI INA226 PMBus power monitor circuit with connections to the rail series current sense resistor. This arrangement permits the INA226 to report the sensed parameters separately on the PMBus. The rails configured with the INA226 power monitors are shown in Table: Power System Devices .

As described in I2C0 (MIO 14-15) , the I2C0 bus provides access to the PMBus power controllers and the INA226 power monitors via the U23 PCA9544A bus switch. All PMBus controlled Infineon regulators are tied to the IRPS5401_SDA/SCL PMBUS, while the INA226 power monitors are separated on to INA226_PMBUS.

This Figure and Table: I2C0 Multiplexer PCA9544A U23 Addr. 0x75 Connections document the I2C0 bus access path to the Infineon PMBus controllers and INA226 power monitor op amps. Also, see schematic 0381881. Power rail measurements are accessible to the system controller and RFSoC PL logic through their respective I2C0 bus connections.