ZCU111 System Controller

ZCU111 Evaluation Board User Guide (UG1271)

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The ZCU111 board includes an on-board system controller. A host PC resident system controller user interface (SCUI) is provided on the ZCU111 Evaluation Kit website. This GUI enables the query and control of select programmable features such as clocks, FMC functionality, and power system parameters. The ZCU111 web page also includes a tutorial on the SCUI (XTP517) [Ref 11] and board setup instructions (XTP518) [Ref 12] .

A brief summary of these instructions are provided here:

1. Ensure that the Silicon Labs VCP USB-UART drivers are installed. See the Silicon Labs CP210x USB-to-UART Installation Guide (UG1033) [Ref 14] .

2. Download the SCUI host PC application.

3. Connect the micro-USB to ZCU111 USB-UART connector (J83).

4. Power-cycle the ZCU111.

5. Launch the SCUI.

The SCUI GUI is shown in This Figure .

Figure 3-33: System Controller User Interface

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On first use of the SCUI, go to the FMC > Set VADJ > Boot-up tab and click USE FMC EEPROM Voltage . The SCUI buttons gray-out during command execution and return to their original appearance when ready to accept a new command.

See the System Controller Tutorial (XTP517) [Ref 11] and the ZCU111 Software Install and Board Setup Tutorial (XTP518) [Ref 12] for more information on installing and using the system controller utility.