VADJ_FMC Power Rail

ZCU111 Evaluation Board User Guide (UG1271)

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The ZCU111 evaluation board implements the ANSI/VITA 57.4 IPMI support functionality. The power control of the VADJ_FMC power rail is managed by the U42 system controller. This rail powers the FMCP HSPC (J26) VADJ pins, as well as the XCZU28DR HP banks 65, 66. The valid values of the VADJ_FMC rail are 1.2V, 1.5V, and 1.8V.

At power on, the system controller detects if an FMC module is installed on J26:

If no card is attached to the FMCP connector, the VADJ voltage is set to 1.8V

When an FMC card is attached, its IIC EEPROM is read to find a VADJ voltage supported by both the ZCU111 board and the FMC module, within the available choices of 1.8V, 1.5V, 1.2V, and 0.0V

If no valid information is found in an FMC card IIC EEPROM, the VADJ_FMC rail is set to 0.0V

The system controller user interface allows the FMC IPMI routine to be overridden and an explicit value can be set for the VADJ_FMC rail. Override mode is useful for FMC mezzanine cards that do not contain valid IPMI EPROM data defined by the ANSI/VITA57.1 specification.