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Video Processing Subsystem Product Guide (PG231)

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2.4 English

The following table provides the register map of letterbox registers in the Video Processing Subsystem.

Table 1. Letterbox Registers
Register Description
0x000 Control signals
  • bit 0 - ap_start (Read/Write/COH)
  • bit 1 - ap_done (Read/COR)
  • bit 2 - ap_idle (Read)
  • bit 3 - ap_ready (Read)
  • bit 7 - auto_restart (Read/Write)
  • Others - reserved
0x004 Global Interrupt Enable Register
  • bit 0 - Global Interrupt Enable (Read/Write)
  • Others - reserved
0x008 IP Interrupt Enable Register (Read/Write)
  • bit 0 - Channel 0 (ap_done)
  • bit 1 - Channel 1 (ap_ready)
  • Others - reserved
0x00c IP Interrupt Status Register (Read/TOW)
  • bit 0 - Channel 0 (ap_done)
  • bit 1 - Channel 1 (ap_ready)
  • Others - reserved
0x010 Width
  • bit 15~0 - HwReg_width[15:0] (Read/Write)
  • Others - reserved
0x014 Reserved
0x018 Height
  • bit 15~0 - HwReg_height[15:0] (Read/Write)
  • Others - reserved
0x01c Reserved
0x020 Video Format
  • bit 15~0 - HwReg_video_format[15:0] (Read/Write)
  • Others - reserved
0x024 Reserved
0x028 Column Start
  • bit 15~0 - HwReg_col_start[15:0] (Read/Write)
0x02c Reserved
0x030 Column End
  • bit 15~0 - HwReg_col_end[15:0] (Read/Write)
  • Others - reserved
0x034 Reserved
0x038 Row Start
  • bit 15~0 - HwReg_row_start[15:0] (Read/Write)
  • Others - reserved
0x03c Reserved
0x040 Row End
  • bit 15~0 - HwReg_row_end[15:0] (Read/Write)
  • Others - reserved
0x044 Reserved
0x048 Y or R
  • bit 15~0 - HwReg_Y_R_value[15:0] (Read/Write)
  • Others - reserved
0x04c Reserved
0x050 Cb or G
  • bit 15~0 - HwReg_Cb_G_value[15:0] (Read/Write)
  • Others - reserved
0x054 Reserved
0x058 Cr or B
  • bit 15~0 - HwReg_Cr_B_value[15:0] (Read/Write)
  • Others - reserved
0x05c Reserved
  1. SC = Self Clear, COR = Clear on Read, TOW = Toggle on Write, COH = Clear on Handshake.
  1. The Control Register controls the operation of the core. Bit[0] of the Control register, ap_start, kicks off the core from software. Writing 1 to this bit, starts the core to generate a video frame. Bit[1] of the Control register, ap_done, indicates when the IP has completed all operations in the current transaction. A logic 1 on this signal indicates that the IP has completed all operations in this transaction. Bit[2] of the Control register, ap_idle, signal indicates if the IP is operating or idle (no operation). The idle state is indicated by logic 1. This signal is asserted low once the IP starts operating. This signal is asserted high when the IP completes operation and no further operations are performed. Bit[3] of the Control register, ap_ready, signal indicates when the IP is ready for new inputs. It is set to logic 1 when the IP is ready to accept new inputs, indicating that all input reads for this transaction are completed. If the IP has no operations in the pipeline, new reads are not performed until the next transaction starts. This signal is used to make a decision on when to apply new values to the input ports and whether to start a new transaction. Bit[7] of the Control register, auto_restart, can be set to enable the auto-restart mode. Thereafter, the IP restarts automatically at the end of each transaction.
  2. Control Register (0x0000), Global Interrupt Enable Register (0x0004), IP Interrupt Enable Register (0x0008), and IP Interrupt Status Register (0x000C) are explained in section S_AXILITE Control Register Map of Vitis High-Level Synthesis User Guide (UG1399). These registers definitions might have some additional bits; however, in the current IP, we are accessing only the bits mentioned in Table 1. Therefore, only these bits need to be considered while accessing the Control Register, Global Interrupt Enable Register, IP Interrupt Enable Register, and IP Interrupt Status Register.