Enabling and Disabling Bypass Mode - 2.4 English

Video Processing Subsystem Product Guide (PG231)

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2.4 English

Deinterlacer IP supports six modes/algorithms including the bypass mode. Every mode/algorithm is designated a number in the algorithm register, that is 0x0038 offset. So, the value 0x6 represents the Bypass mode for the Deinterlacer IP. Bypass mode is used to pass-through high bandwidth progressive resolutions. For all progressive streams, set the interceder to Bypass mode.

To enable the bypass mode, 0x6 has to be written to the algorithm register (0x0038). This will pass the input of the IP to the output without any change in the data and enable the IP to the function in bypass mode.

To disable the bypass mode, any value other than 0x6 has to be written into the algorithm register (0x0038).