AXI-Lite Control Interface - 2.4 English

Video Processing Subsystem Product Guide (PG231)

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2.4 English

The following table shows the AXI4-Lite control interface signals. This interface runs at the aclk_ctrl clock. Control of the video processing pipe is only supported through the Video Processing Subsystem driver. Data-width is automatically configured based on the PPC of the design.

Note: Control of the video processing pipe is only supported through the video processing subsystem driver. The register map is provided for debug purposes only.
Note: AXI write and read data_width selection is compatible to the part selected.

For example : KU+ can support only up to 64 bits and ZU+/Versal supports up to 128 bits.

Table 1. AXI Lite Control Interface
Name Direction Width Description
s_axi_ctrl_awaddr In 20 Write address
s_axi_ctrl_awprot In 3 Write address protection
s_axi_ctrl_awvalid In 1 Write address valid
s_axi_ctrl_awready Out 1 Write address ready
s_axi_ctrl_wdata In 32 Write data
s_axi_ctrl_wstrb In 4 Write data strobe
s_axi_ctrl_wvalid In 1 Write data valid
s_axi_ctrl_wready Out 1 Write data ready
s_axi_ctrl_bresp Out 2 Write response
s_axi_ctrl_bvalid Out 1 Write response valid
s_axi_ctrl_bready In 1 Write response ready
s_axi_ctrl_araddr In 20 Read address
s_axi_ctrl_arprot In 3 Read address protection
s_axi_ctrl_arvalid In 1 Read address valid
s_axi_ctrl_aready Out 1 Read address ready
s_axi_ctrl_rdata Out 32 Read data
s_axi_ctrl_rresp Out 2 Read data response
s_axi_ctrl_rvalid Out 1 Read data valid
s_axi_ctrl_rready In 1 Read data ready