HDCP Key Utility - 3.1 English

HDMI 1.4/2.0 Receiver Subsystem Product Guide (PG236)

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3.1 English

An optional hdcp_key_utility application software is available for using the same hardware to program your own HDCP encryption keys into the EEPROM (FMC or on-board).

To hdcp_key_utility application:

  1. Import Example from the Vitis software platform and choose hdcp_key_utility.
  2. Open hdcp_key_utility.c from the Vitis project.
  3. The arrays Hdcp22Lc128, Hdcp22Key, Hdcp14Key1, and Hdcp14Key2 hold the HDCP keys and are empty. Fill these arrays with the acquired HDCP keys. The arrays are defined in big endian byte order.
  4. Save the file and compile the design.
  5. Run the design.

    The terminal displays the following output:

    HDCP Key EEPROM v1.0
    This tool encrypts and stores the HDCP 2.2 certificate and HDCP 1.4 keys into the EEPROM on the HDMI FMC board
    Enter Password ->

    The HDCP keys are encrypted using this password. The same password is used in the reference design to decrypt the HDCP keys.

    The application is terminated after completing the programming of HDCP keys.

    Note: The keys only need to be programmed into the EEPROM once.