General Design Guidelines - 3.1 English

HDMI 1.4/2.0 Receiver Subsystem Product Guide (PG236)

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3.1 English

The subsystem connects to other hardware components to construct a complete HDMI RX system. These hardware components usually are different from device to device. For example, Kintex®-7 devices have a different PLL architecture from UltraScale™ ™ devices. You must fully understand the system and adjust the subsystem parameters accordingly.

Control Interface

The HDMI 1.4/2.0 RX Subsystem is controlled over an AXI4-Lite interface using the Xilinx API described in Application Software Development; the appendix also describes how to integrate the subsystem API into a software application. The API is the only provided control for the HDMI RX subsystems and the register interface descriptions are not provided.