Reading VIO Inputs Using the VIO Cores View - 2022.2 English

Vivado Design Suite User Guide: Programming and Debugging (UG908)

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2022.2 English

The VIO input probes can be viewed using the VIO Probes window of the VIO Dashboard window. Each input probe is viewed as a separate row in the table. The value of the VIO input probes are shown in the Value column of the table (see Interacting with VIO Core Input Probes). The VIO core input values are periodically updated based on the value of the refresh rate of the VIO core. You can set the refresh rate by changing the Refresh Rate (ms) in the VIO Properties window or by running the following Tcl command:

set_property CORE_REFRESH_RATE_MS 1000 [get_hw_vios hw_vio_1]
Note: Setting the refresh rate to 0 causes all automatic refreshes from the VIO core to stop. Also note that very small refresh values may cause your Vivado IDE to become sluggish. Xilinx recommends a refresh rate of 500 ms or longer.

If you want to manually read a VIO input probe value, you can use Tcl commands to do so. For instance, if you wanted to refresh and get the value of the input probe called BUTTON_IBUF of the VIO core hw_vio_1, run the following Tcl commands:

refresh_hw_vio [get_hw_vios {hw_vio_1}]
get_property INPUT_VALUE [get_hw_probes BUTTON_IBUF]