Opening a Hardware Target Using Tcl Commands - 2022.2 English

Vivado Design Suite User Guide: Programming and Debugging (UG908)

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2022.2 English

You can also use Tcl commands to connect to a hardware server/target combination. For instance, to connect to the digilent_plugin target (serial number 210203339395A) that is managed by the hw_server running on localhost 3121, use the following Tcl commands:

connect_hw_server -url localhost:3121
current_hw_target [get_hw_targets */xilinx_tcf/Digilent/210203339395A]
set_property PARAM.FREQUENCY 15000000 [get_hw_targets \ 

Once you finish opening a connection to a hardware target, the Hardware window is populated with the hardware server, hardware target, and various hardware devices for the open target (see the following figure).

Figure 1. Hardware View after Opening a Connection to the Hardware Target