XtremeScale Drivers

Onload User Guide (UG1586)

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Solarflare XtremeScale network adapters (X2-series and their predecessors) use the sfc network driver. This is generally available from three sources:

  • Packaged in many Linux distributions such as Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

    This is commonly known as ‘in-tree’, ‘in-box’, or ‘boxed’. Depending on the OS version this driver might not support more recent Solarflare XtremeScale adapters, and also does not support any Onload features. You must not use this driver with Onload.

  • Downloaded as source RPM from the NIC Software and Drivers web page.

    This method for getting the sfc driver is recommended when you require the latest driver for non-Onload use.

  • Packaged in the OpenOnload/EnterpriseOnload distribution.

    This bundled sfc driver is installed along with the other Onload drivers. It supports the specific features of the Onload release. You must always use this bundled driver with Onload.

To ensure the bundled Onload driver is always loaded following system reboot, any other sfc drivers can be removed from the OS entirely. See Identifying and Removing Previously Installed Drivers.

Alternatively any Onload startup script should include the following command to reload the Onload drivers, including the bundled sfc driver:

# onload_tool reload