Confirm Onload Installation

Onload User Guide (UG1586)

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1.2 English

When the Onload installation is complete run the onload command to confirm installation of Onload software and kernel module:

# onload

This will display the Onload product banner and usage:

# onload
Onload b704114d6b 2022-02-08 master
Copyright 2019-2022 Xilinx, 2006-2019 Solarflare Communications, 2002-2005 Level 5 Networks
Built: Feb  8 2022 17:19:25 (debug)
Build profile header: <ci/internal/transport_config_opt_extra.h>
Kernel module: b704114d6b 2022-02-08 master
  onload [options] <command> <command-args>
  -p,--profile=<profile> -- comma sep list of config profile(s)
  --force-profiles       -- profile settings override environment
  --no-app-handler       -- do not use app-specific settings
  --app=<app-name>       -- identify application to run under onload
  --version              -- print version information
  -v                     -- verbose
  -h --help              -- this help message