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Onload User Guide (UG1586)

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This issue of the user guide identifies changes and new features introduced in the OpenOnload 8 release.

For a complete list of features and enhancements refer to the Release Notes and the Release Change Log available from the NIC Software and Drivers web page.

OpenOnload-8 includes the net driver.

Users should refer to ReleaseNotes-sfc in the distribution package for details of changes to the adapter driver.

Onload Version Numbering

Starting with version 7.0.0, OpenOnload version numbering has been revised to align with the EnterpriseOnload and net driver version numbering scheme.

OpenOnload-7.0.0 was the successor to onload-201811-u1.

Version numbers have four components. Their meaning is shown in the following table for the example of version

Table 1. Component Values and Meanings for Version Number
Value Meaning
7 Major version
1 Minor version - feature release
2 Minor version - bug fix update release
141 Build number
Note: Use the NIC Software and Drivers web page to download supported Onload distributions, including EnterpriseOnload and OpenOnload.

Use the Onload GitHub web page for an unsupported preview of Onload work in progress.

The openonload.org website has been phased out.