Requirements for CTPIO

Onload User Guide (UG1586)

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CTPIO has the following requirements:

  • CTPIO is a feature of the X2 series of adapters. On the X2 models, CTPIO is enabled by default.
  • The minimum adapter driver and firmware versions are identified below:
    # ethtool -i <interface>driver: sfcversion: rx1 tx1
  • CTPIO can be used with all adapter firmware variant settings apart from capture-packed-stream.

    Because CTPIO bypasses the main adapter datapath, packets sent by CTPIO cannot be looped back in hardware. As a result, CTPIO is not enabled by default on interfaces running full-featured firmware. This behavior can be overridden using a configuration variable. See EF_CTPIO_SWITCH_BYPASS.

  • CTPIO can be used with Onload 201805 and later versions.