Scalable Filter Restrictions

Onload User Guide (UG1586)

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1.2 English

Scalable filters have the following restrictions:

  • Scalable filters are only used for TCP traffic.
  • UDP traffic can be received and accelerated by Onload on interfaces where scalable filters are enabled, but kernel UDP sockets will not receive traffic.
  • UDP fragmented frames cannot be received on interfaces where scalable filters are enabled. Users should avoid having fragmented frames on these interfaces.
  • The adapter must use the full-feature or ultra-low-latency firmware variants.
  • Minimum firmware version:
  • Stack per thread options (EF_STACK_PER_THREAD) cannot be used with this feature.
  • By default the scalable filters feature requires CAP_NET_RAW. Onload can be configured to avoid capability checks for this using the Onload module option scalable_filter_gid. See Module Options for details.
  • When using any rss mode with scalable filters, the stack cannot be named by either EF_NAME or onload_set_stackname().