Debug and Logging

Onload User Guide (UG1586)

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Onload supports various debug and logging options. Logging and debug information will be displayed on an attached console or will be sent to the syslog. To force all debug to the syslog set the Onload environment variable EF_LOG_VIA_IOCTL=1.

For more information about debug/logging environment variables refer to Parameter Reference.

To enable debug and logging using the options below, Onload must be installed with debug enabled:

  • When Onload was installed from a source tarball:
    # onload_install --debug
  • When Onload was installed from a source RPM:
    # rpmbuild --define "debug true" rebuild enterpriseonload-$VERSION.rpm

If Onload is already installed, uninstall as described in Removing an Existing Installation. Then re-install with the --debug option as shown above.

Log options are as follows:

  • EF_UNIX_LOG - A bitmask of the types of diagnostic messages to be logged.
  • EF_LOG - A comma separated list options which can be logged, enabled, disabled.
  • EF_LOG_FILE - When EF_LOG_VIA_IOCTL is unset, the user is able to redirect Onload output to a specified directory and file using the EF_LOG_FILE option. Timestamps can also be added to the logfile when EF_LOG_TIMESTAMPS is also enabled.
    Note: Kernel logging is still directed to the syslog.
  • TP_LOG (bitmask) - useful for stack debugging. See Onload source code /src/include/ci/internal/ip_log.h for bit values.
  • Control plane module option:
    • cplane_debug_bits=[bitmask] - useful for kernel logging and events involving the control plane. See src/include/cplane/debug.h for bit values.
  • Onload module options:
    • ci_tp_log=[bitmask] - useful for kernel logging and events involving an onload stack. See Onload source code /src/include/ci/internal/ip_log.h for details.
    • oo_debug_bits=[bitmask] - useful for kernel logging and events not involving an onload stack or the control plane. See src/include/onload/debug.h for bit values.