Onload Extensions API

Onload User Guide (UG1586)

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The Onload Extensions API allows the user to customize an application using advanced features to improve performance.

The Extensions API does not create any runtime dependency on Onload and an application using the API can run without Onload. The license for the API and associated libraries is a BSD 2-Clause License.

API groups

This appendix covers the following API groups within the Extensions API:

Source code

The Extensions API source code is provided with the Onload distribution. Entry points for the source code are:

  • src/lib/transport/unix/onload_ext_intercept.c
  • src/lib/transport/unix/zc_intercept.c

Java Native Interface Wrapper

The Onload distribution includes a JNI wrapper for use with the Extensions API. Java users should also refer to the files:

  • /onload-<version>/src/tools/jni