Packaging, Source and Licensing Changes

Onload User Guide (UG1586)

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The Onload control plane is now distributed as source code rather than a binary and built from source with Onload. The control plane, ef_vi and various other components are now provided with a BSD 2-Clause license.

TCPDirect has been moved into a separate package which should be installed with a corresponding version of Onload. For example, tcpdirect-8.0.0.x should be used with onload-8.0.0.y.

The table below summarizes the situation for each component:

Table 1. Onload Packaging, Source, and Licensing
  Supplied as Licence Package
Onload Source GPL-2.0 onload-8.0.0
Onload headers needed for ef_vi applications Source GPL-2.0 or BSD 2-Clause onload-8.0.0
Onload extensions stub library Source BSD 2-Clause onload-8.0.0
Control plane Source BSD 2-Clause onload-8.0.0
User-modifiable scripts and examples Source BSD 2-Clause onload-8.0.0
ef_vi Source BSD 2-Clause onload-8.0.0
TCPDirect Binary Proprietary tcpdirect-8.0.0