Tuning Onload

Onload User Guide (UG1586)

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This chapter documents the available tuning options for Onload, and the expected results.

Most of the Onload configuration parameters, including tuning parameters, are set by environment variables exported into the accelerated applications environment. Environment variables can be identified throughout this manual as they begin with EF_. All environment variables are described in Parameter Reference or Meta Options in this guide. Examples throughout this guide assume the use of the bash or sh shells; other shells might use different methods to export variables into the applications environment.

Note: Onload tuning and kernel driver tuning are subject to different requirements. This section describes the steps to tune Onload. For details on how to tune the Solarflare kernel driver, refer to the 'Performance Tuning on Linux' section of the Solarflare Server Adapter User Guide, available from the NIC Software and Drivers web page.