Patching a Source RPM Installation

Onload User Guide (UG1586)

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The following procedure describes how a patch should be applied when Onload was installed from a source RPM. It uses EnterpriseOnload as an example, but the same procedures apply to other Onload distributions in the RPM format, such as OpenOnload.

  1. Copy the patch to the directory on the server where the Onload RPM package exists and carry out the following commands:
    rpm2cpio enterpriseonload-<version>.src.rpm | cpio –id
    tar -xzf enterpriseonload-<version>.tgz
    cd enterpriseonload-<version>
    patch -p1 < $PATCHNAME
  2. This can now be installed directly from this directory:
  3. Or it can be repackaged as a new source RPM:
    cd ..
    tar -czf enterpriseonload-<version>.tgz enterpriseonload-<version>
    rpmbuild -ts enterpriseonload-<version>.tgz
  4. The rpmbuild procedure will display a ‘Wrote’ line identifying the location of the source RPM. For example:
    Wrote: /root/rpmbuild/SRPMS/enterpriseonload-<version>.el6.src.rpm