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Onload User Guide (UG1586)

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Using the value identified from the rss_cpus option, the Solarflare NET driver will create a number of receive (and transmit) queues (termed an “RSS channel”) for each physical interface. By default the driver creates one RSS channel per CPU core detected in the server up to a maximum of 32.

The rss_cpus sfc driver module option can be set in a user created file <sfc.conf> in the /etc/modprobe.d directory. The driver must be reloaded before the option becomes effective. For example, rss_cpus can be set to an integer value:

options sfc rss_cpus=4

In the above example four receive queues are created per interface. The default value is rss_cpus=cores. Other available options are rss_cpus=<int>, rss_cpus=hyperthreads and rss_cpus=packages.

Note: If the sfc driver module parameter ‘rss_numa_local’ is enabled, RSS will be restricted to use cores/hyperthreads on the NUMA node local to the network adapter.