Logo Layer Settings - 5.2 English

Video Mixer LogiCORE IP Product Guide (PG243)

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5.2 English

The following settings apply to the optional logo layer.

Enable Logo Layer – When selected, this includes the logo layer. Block RAM is used for pixel storage of the logo according to the dimension settings. The logo is limited to eight bits per color component, and always needs to be formatted as RGB.

Maximum Number of Columns for Logo – Specifies maximum pixel width of the logo. The width needs to be a multiple of the samples per clock setting. This setting affects the block RAM utilization.

Maximum Number of Rows for Logo – Specifies maximum line height of the logo. This setting affects the block RAM utilization.

Enable Logo Transparency Color – When selected, this allows for run-time programmability of a specified color key that becomes transparent.

Enable Logo Per Pixel Alpha – When selected, this adds per pixel alpha blending functionality for the logo.