Vivado IDE System Parameter - 4.1 English

AXI Central Direct Memory Access LogiCORE IP Product Guide (PG034)

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4.1 English

The AXI CDMA Vivado IDE contains one Vivado IDE (This Figure) that provides information about the core, allows configuration of the core, and provides the ability to generate the core.



Component Name – The base name of the output files generated for the core. Names must begin with a letter and can be composed of any of the following characters: a to z, 0 to 9, and "_".

The following options affect both channels of the AXI CDMA core.

Enable Scatter Gather – Checking this option enables Scatter Gather Mode operation in AXI CDMA. Disabling the Scatter Gather Engine mode causes all output ports for the Scatter/Gather interface to be tied to zero, and all of the input ports to be left open.

Disable 4K Boundary Checks – Checking this option puts the AXI CDMA in low resource utilization mode. This reduces considerably the performance and features of the AXI CDMA. This option is available only when Scatter Gather is disabled.

Allow Unaligned Transfers – Enabling this option allows the AXI CDMA to access unaligned memory for Read and Write. This option is not available when 4K checks are disabled. Unaligned transfers are allowed for data widths up to 512 bits.

Read/Write Data Width – Use this option to set the data width of the AXI4 data bus. Valid values are 32, 64, 128, 256, 512, and 1,024.

Write/Read Burst Size – Use this option to set Maximum Burst size of the AXI4 read/write operation. When using the Keyhole feature of AXI CDMA, this needs to be set to 16.

Enable Asynchronous Mode – Select this box if the clocks used in AXI CDMA are asynchronous.

Address Width (32-64) – Select the required address space width. This can be any number between 32 and 64.

Enable CDMA Store and Forward – Select this to enable an internal buffer in the AXI CDMA. Having an internal buffer in CDMA helps improve the performance of the AXI4 data bus.This option can also help avoid some lock up scenarios, when multiple AXI CDMAs transfer data amongst the common end points.


IMPORTANT:   The Enable Asynchronous Mode parameter is automatically set when the IP is used in the Vivado IP integrator.