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AXI Central Direct Memory Access LogiCORE IP Product Guide (PG034)

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4.1 English

Simple DMA mode is the basic mode of operation for the CDMA when Scatter Gather is excluded. In this mode, the CDMA executes one programmed DMA command and then stops. This requires the CDMA registers to be set up by an external AXI4 Master for each DMA operation required.

These basic steps describe how to set up and initiate a CDMA transfer in simple operation mode.

1.Verify CDMASR.IDLE = 1.

2.Program the CDMACR.IOC_IrqEn bit to the desired state for interrupt generation on transfer completion. Also set the error interrupt enable (CDMACR.ERR_IrqEn), if so desired.

3.Write the desired transfer source address to the Source Address (SA) register. The transfer data at the source address must be valid and ready for transfer. If the address space selected is more than 32, write the SA_MSB register also.

4.Write the desired transfer destination address to the Destination Address (DA) register. If the address space selected is more than 32, then write the DA_MSB register also.

5.Write the number of bytes to transfer to the CDMA Bytes to Transfer (BTT) register. Up to 67,108,863 bytes can be specified for a single transfer (unless DataMover Lite is being used). Writing to the BTT register also starts the transfer.

6.Either poll the CDMASR.IDLE bit for assertion (CDMASR.IDLE = 1) or wait for the CDMA to generate an output interrupt (assumes CDMACR.IOC_IrqEn = 1).

7.If interrupt based, determine the interrupt source (transfer completed or an error has occurred).

8.Clear the CDMASR.IOC_Irq bit by writing a 1 to the DMASR.IOC_Irq bit position.

9.Ready for another transfer. Go back to step 1.