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AXI Central Direct Memory Access LogiCORE IP Product Guide (PG034)

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4.1 English

An interrupt output is provided by the AXI CDMA. This output drives High when an internal interrupt event is logged in the CDMA Status Register (CDMASR) and the associated interrupt enable bit is set in the CDMA Control Register (CDMACR).


IMPORTANT:   This interrupt output is synchronized to the s_axi_lite_aclk clock input.

Internal interrupt events are different depending on whether the AXI CDMA is operating in Simple DMA mode or SG Mode. Simple DMA mode generates an IOC interrupt whenever a programmed transfer is completed. In addition, three error conditions reported by the DataMover (internal error, slave error, and decode error) can also generate an interrupt assertion. For Scatter Gather mode, the delay interrupt and the three SG engine error interrupt events are added to the interrupt event mix.