SG Delay Interrupt - 4.1 English

AXI Central Direct Memory Access LogiCORE IP Product Guide (PG034)

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4.1 English

The delay interrupt feature is used in conjunction with the interrupt coalescing filter. Using the delay interrupt feature allows the software application to guarantee it receives an interrupt from the AXI CDMA, when the interrupt threshold is not met but the programmed descriptor chain has been completely processed by the AXI CDMA. The delay interrupt timer feature is enabled by setting the CDMACR.IRQDelay value to a non-zero value. The delay time is loaded into an internal counter in the SG Engine when a SG session is started. The internal timer begins counting up whenever the AXI CDMA is idle (CDMASR.IDLE = 1). The delay timer is reset and halted whenever the AXI CDMA is not idle (CDMASR.IDLE = 0).