Getting to Know the Power Advantage Tool Control Console

Zynq UltraScale plus MPSoC Power Management

Release Date
  • Zoom Display (transparent button [ ]) (A) resizes to fill a 1920x1080 display.
  • Close (transparent button [X]) (B)
  • Minimize (C)
  • Select (D) Selects the display mode (Rails, Plot, About contains the version number)
  • Preset (E) Not supported in this version.
  • Block Diagram of Zynq (F) shows the current device state.
  • Power Totals for various domains (G) (Note: There can be a few seconds delay for measurement and update.)
  • VCCINT – PL Core Rail
  • VCCAUX – Auxiliary Circuits
  • VCC3V3 – Main PMBUS Utility Rails
  • VCCINTFP – Core Full Power Domain
  • VCCO_HP – PS DDR Controller IO
  • VCCPSINTLP – Core Low Power Domain
  • VCCPSAUX – Aux and GPIO

Switching off domains can clear the program memory until reboot.

Direct GUI power domain control is not supported in this version.