1.2 Using the SD Image

Zynq UltraScale plus MPSoC Power Management

Release Date
  • If you do not already have an SD, see how to make an SD from a Pre-Built Image here .
  • Copy C:\zynqus\pwr\sd\<Folder>\boot.bin that you just made to the SD card (image.ub and system.dtb may also be provided. Note: system.dtb for different board versions may be different, so there may be more than one provided.)
  • Insert the SD card into the SD Card slot on the Evaluation Board (e.g. ZCU102), set Mode SW6 to 1-4 On-Off-Off-Off, and power cycle the Evaluation Board. (Note: For ES1 Silicon, set Mode SW6 to 1-4 Off-On-Off-On.)