1.5 Flashing the MSP430 Design from a txt file with an MSP-FET JTAG cable

Zynq UltraScale plus MPSoC Power Management

Release Date
  • Plug MSP-FET JTAG cable in to MSP430 JTAG J92.
  • Install the latest version of MSP430Flasher from http://www.ti.com/tool/msp430-flasher (currently MSP430Flasher_1.3.7)
  • From a Windows CMD prompt > cd C:\ti\MSP430Flasher_1.3.7 > MSP430Flasher.exe -w "DATECODE_ZCU102_MSP430.txt" -v -g -z [VCC=3300] (-i USB) (-e ERASE_ALL) This command is scripted in the batch file C:\ZynqUS_Demos\tools\FlashMSP430.bat For additional information, please refer to Power Advantage Tool MSP430 Theory of Operation.pdf