Rewinding Pipelined Loops for Performance - 2022.2 English

Vitis High-Level Synthesis User Guide (UG1399)

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2022.2 English

The PIPELINE pragma has an option called rewind. This option enables overlap of the execution of successive calls to the pipelined loop when this loop is the outermost construct of the top function, or of a dataflow region and the dataflow region is executed multiple times.

The following figure shows the operation when the rewind option is used when pipelining a loop. At the end of the loop iteration count, the loop starts to execute again. While it generally re-executes immediately, a delay is possible and is shown and described in the GUI.

Figure 1. Loop Pipelining with Rewind Option
Note: If a loop is used around a DATAFLOW region, Vitis HLS automatically implements it to allow successive executions to overlap.