External Monitoring

Simplified Power Sequencing (XAPP1375)

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The SYSMON provides 17 external inputs via the multiplexed I/O (MIO) banks that can be used to monitor VRM output voltages and currents using an external sense resistor. These I/Os can also be used as general-purpose I/Os (GPIOs) to provide control for VRMs and the readback of PG signals. By combining rail monitoring using the SYSMON MIOs with GPIOs to enable regulators, the user can develop a closed loop sequencing scheme for a Versal device and a wider system.

SYSMON allows the user to measure up to 1V unipolar on external inputs and 2V unipolar on-chip measurements. For the measuring of voltages that are outside the range of the ADC mode, a simple resistor divider circuit can be used to read back a scaled down voltage of the monitored voltages.