Method 3: Sequencing Using Multiplexed I/Os

Simplified Power Sequencing (XAPP1375)

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The unique architecture of Versal devices allows many configurations and applications including power conscious design and savings using the PMC. The PMC domain is separate from the processing system of the Versal devices and is responsible for the boot, post-boot functions, and configuration of the device. The PMC domain remains powered when implementing power management to reduce dynamic and static power consumption in the PL and PS domains. The peripherals include the multiplexed I/O bank that can be connected to external components for Ethernet, SPI, I2C, PMBus, CAN/CAN-FD, UART, USB, and GPIO interfaces. Power sequencing or power management using I2C, PMBus, and GPIOs is the most applicable to power sequencing.

Figure 1. Using MIOs to Sequence by Power Domain