Voltage Monitoring Using the System Monitor

Simplified Power Sequencing (XAPP1375)

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The AMD System Monitor (SYSMON) is a valuable function that allows users to easily monitor the operating environment of an AMD device using on-chip sensors capable of measuring voltage, temperature, current via a sense resistor, and external measurements using an analog-to-digital converter (ADC). The SYSMON is integrated on all Versal devices and can directly replace external ADCs that are required by many applications. It has built-in features, including channel averaging, configurable over-temperature shutdown, and voltage and temperature alarm interrupts that can be applied in any user configuration. To further complement the Versal device, the SYSMON enables customers to reduce their BOM count, improve monitoring flexibility, and increase the security of their system in an easy to configure format.
Note: SYSMON is the only AMD supported method to measure junction temperature (Tj). For more information, see Versal Adaptive SoC System Monitor Architecture Manual (AM006).

On-chip monitoring can be used to detect when rails within the Versal device are powered on or off and as a part of the sequencing for power rail status. Also, the voltage supply alarms can be used to detect when the voltages are out of specifications, which might require a power-down in case of a failed power sequence. This monitoring removes the need to use the power good signals from the VRMs and saves on I/O pins.

Figure 1. Versal CIPS Configuration of On-chip Monitoring