Displaying a Power Optimization Report in the Vivado IDE - 2024.1 English

Vivado Design Suite User Guide: Power Analysis and Optimization (UG907)

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2024.1 English
In the AMD Vivado™ IDE you can display a power optimization report that describes the power optimizations that have been performed on your design. You can display the power optimization report after synthesis or after implementation.
Important: In Vivado, power optimization is performed during the opt_design and power_opt_design stages of the Vivado design flow. Both of these stages occur during implementation, which occurs after the design has been synthesized. If you generate a power optimization report on the synthesized design, the report will only contain information about the power optimization features that were coded into your original design (for example, gating a block RAM using a clock enable (CE)). The report will not detail power optimizations performed later by the tools, during implementation.

To display a Power Optimization Report in the Vivado integrated design environment:

  1. In the Flow Navigator, select Open Synthesized Design or Open Implemented Design.
  2. Select Reports > Report Power Optimization.
    The equivalent Tcl command to perform this operation is:
    report_power_opt -name <report_name>
  3. In the Report Power Optimization dialog box, specify the following options.
    Results name
    Specify the name under which the power optimization report appears in the Vivado IDE.
    Export to file
    Check this box to generate a text report in addition to the power optimization report in the Vivado IDE. Specify a file name and location for the text report, and select whether this is a TXT or XML file.
    Open in a new tab
    Check this box to add this new power optimization report to any other power optimization reports currently displayed in the Vivado IDE. Leave this box unchecked to replace any power optimization reports currently displayed in Vivado

  4. Click OK.

    A power optimization report appears in the results windows area of the IDE with this new power optimization report.

You can select from different views of the power optimization report.

General Information
Information about your design, the AMD device into which your design is implemented, and the Tcl command that generated this power optimization report.
Count of block RAMs, SRLs, and Slice Registers that the user optimizes in the design and by the power optimization tool.
Things you can do to further optimize your design for power.
Hierarchical Information
Details of the block RAMs, SRLs, and Slice Registers for which Vivado has performed power optimization.

For a description of the power optimizations Vivado Integrated Design performs, see Power Optimization Feature and Block RAM WRITE_MODE Power Optimizations.

Tip: If any hierarchical module or instance is tagged with a DONT_TOUCH attribute, Power Optimization does not optimize this logic.