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Vitis Unified Software Platform Documentation: Embedded Software Development (UG1400)

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2024.1 English

Configure FPGA.


fpga <bitstream-file>

Configure FPGA with given bitstream.

fpga [options]

Configure FPGA with bitstream specified options, or read FPGA state.


Option Description
-file <bitstream-file> Specify file containing bitstream.
-partial Configure FPGA without first clearing the current configuration. This option should be used while configuring partial bitstreams created before 2014.3 or any partial bitstreams in binary format.
-no-revision-check Disable bitstream versus silicon revision revision compatibility check.
-skip-compatibility-check Disable bitstream versus FPGA compatibility check.
-state Return whether the FPGA is configured.
-config-status Return configuration status.
-ir-status Return IR capture status.
-boot-status Return boot history status.
-timer-status Return watchdog timer status.
-cor0-status Return configuration option 0 status.
-cor1-status Return configuration option 1 status.
-wbstar-status Return warm boot start address status.


  • If no target is selected or if the current target is not a supported FPGA, and only one supported FPGA is found in the targets list, this device is configured.


Depends on options used.

-file, -partial: Nothing, if FPGA is configured, or an error if the configuration failed.

One of the other options Configuration value.