Cross-Triggering in Zynq Devices - 2024.1 English

Vitis Unified Software Platform Documentation: Embedded Software Development (UG1400)

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2024.1 English

In Zynq devices, ECT is configured with four broadcast channels, four CTIs, and a CTM. One CTI is connected to ETB/TPIU, one to FTM and one to each Cortex-A9 core. The following table shows the trigger input and trigger output connections of each CTI.

Note: The connections specified in the table below are hard-wired connections.
Table 1. CTI Trigger Ports in Zynq Devices
CTI Trigger Port Signal
CTI connected to ETB, TPIU
Trigger Input 2 ETB full
Trigger Input 3 ETB acquisition complete
Trigger Input 4 ITM trigger
Trigger Output 0 ETB flush
Trigger Output 1 ETB trigger
Trigger Output 2 TPIU flush
Trigger Output 3 TPIU trigger
Trigger Input 0 FTM trigger
Trigger Input 1 FTM trigger
Trigger Input 2 FTM trigger
Trigger Input 3 FTM trigger
Trigger Output 0 FTM trigger
Trigger Output 1 FTM trigger
Trigger Output 2 FTM trigger
Trigger Output 3 FTM trigger
Trigger Input 0 CPU DBGACK
Trigger Input 1 CPU PMU IRQ
Trigger Input 2 PTM EXT
Trigger Input 3 PTM EXT
Trigger Input 4 CPU COMMTX
Trigger Input 5 CPU COMMTX
Trigger Input 6 PTM TRIGGER
Trigger Output 0 CPU debug request
Trigger Output 1 PTM EXT
Trigger Output 2 PTM EXT
Trigger Output 3 PTM EXT
Trigger Output 4 PTM EXT
Trigger Output 7 CPU restart request